Architectural - Amateur

Chords Bridge, Jerusalem

Sharon Tenenbaum

Honorable Mention

"Chords Bridge, Jerusalem"
I found this bridge very hard to resist photographing. Jerusalemís Chords Bridge, located at the entrance of the city, this very controversial bridge was built in honour of Israelís 60 year anniversary (2008) and symbolizes Davidís Harp. Many claim that its modern look does not blend with the cityís white sandstone faÁade, regardless; I think it makes a good photo.

Biography: Sharon Tenenbaum was educated as a Civil Engineer in Israel, and practicing as a Professional Engineer in Vancouver Canada. In late 2007 she made a decision to part from engineering in order to pursue her passion for photography after being inspired by a life changing journey to South East Asia. After Jostling through the streets of Delhi, trekking the Himalayas and cycling through Myanmar (Burma). She chose to express her fascination of all she witnessed through photography. Returning home to Vancouver, B.C., she began to see her home town through a new pair of eyes. These backyard...

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