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he walked on the water ...

Gustavo Gomez


"he walked on the water ..."
B&W Film 400 ASA Tele 200 mm f : 2.8

Biography: Hi, I'm amateur photographer, and basically realize then analog photography. I have 53 years and make my first pictures at age 10 with pinhole camera. For over a year I use a Hasselblad 503 CW. I have attended many courses and competitions. I own B & W lab where I do my work. This year 2013 and from October 4 will screen a photograph mine in the MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome) during Festival Internazionale di Roma. I feel photography as a way to express feelings, emotions and convey a concept, I seek images that endure the onlooker. My last job in the am copying papers Canson...

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