Still Life - Amateur

14 Baznycios street, Lentvaris

Indre Serpytyte

Honorable Mention

"14 Baznycios street, Lentvaris"
Former NKVD - MVD - MGB - KGB Buildings

Biography: Indre Serpytyte (b.1983) graduated with a first–class BA (Hons) degree in Photography at the University of Brighton (2006) and MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art (2009) in London, were she lives now. Her work is represented in public and private collections, including Victoria and Albert museum photography collection. She is already the recipient of numerous awards including the National Media Museum Bursary (2009), Hoopers Gallery prize, Metro Imaging prize, Jerwood Photography award winner (2006), the Fujifilm Distinction Award and the Terry O’Neill Award. Her work has been...

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