Fine Art - Professional

Ballerina Obscura

Lee Tonks


"Ballerina Obscura"
The dark basement of the foundry is home to Turlough Carolan. For 16 years he has worked amidst the burning metals, sharp blue lights and ominous steel beams. Where the sky is veiled by the choking fumes of sulphates. He does not belong here yet this is where he ended up. As a boy he wanted to be a ballerina but as he grew in both height and flesh he felt his dream seep away as sure as the metals he dissolved. until one day he met Gabriella. Gabriella, the daughter of one of the steel workers spent many unsupervised hours at the foundry and would often explore the catacombs beneath it's belly. This led her to Turlough. Sad and unfulfilled he let her know of his boyhood dream. And with time an extraordinary friendship emerged between the two that allowed them both to throw into the shade their past shackles, shine and dance the hidden language of their souls.

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