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In the Underbelly of Kathmandu - Family

Larry Louie

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"In the Underbelly of Kathmandu - Family"
The Underbelly of Kathmandu is a series of the photographs of the urban poor in the valley. The people of Nepal are what bring visitors back to Nepal over and over again. The gentleness and resilience of these people is quite amazing despite the simmering crisis that exists. The Underbelly of Kathmandu is little Nepal on its own, consisting of people from all areas of Nepal, all looking for a better future for their family, all looking towards the new government to lead them there.

Biography: International award winning photographer Dr. Larry Louie is an optometrist in Canada and also a travel & humanitarian documentary photographer. On his travels, he is exploring the lives of remote indigenous people, documenting social issues and ultimately seeking to adjust people's view of the world. Over the last couple of years, Larry has used his photography as a platform to highlight the work of different charities around the world. He hopes his photographs will be able to tell the stories and make a difference, and to reveal light that is found in the darkest of places.

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