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Daro Sulakauri

Honorable Mention

GEORGIA. 2009. School. Nikozi, near the Russian occupant's and South Ossetian separatist's check-point. A first grader, he was one of the few people who stayed home in the village, during the Russian-Georgian war in 2008. After the war ended many people did not return to Nikozi, the School has only 3 first graders.

Biography: Daro Sulakauri was born in 1985, in Tbilisi. After obtaining a degree from the Department of Cinematography at the Tbilisi State University, she moved to New York to study photojournalism at the International School of Photography (ICP). Before graduating in 2006, she was awarded the John and Mary Phillips Scholarship as well as recognized by the ICP Director's Fund. Upon finishing, she returned to the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia and continued Photojournalism. She has won several international awards and in 2014 she was selected for 30 UNDER 30 / WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS.

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