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Self Sacrifice

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan


"Self Sacrifice "
Charak Puja is an ancient Hindu religious and folk festival of Southern Belt of Bangladesh and West Bengal (India) which is now intangible heritage in the world. The word “Charak” perhaps came from “Charki” (Circle). In this Puja the Charak is tied with a hook (Borshi) on devotee’s back and then he is moved around a bar with a long rope. People gather safely around the Charki to watch this festival. The whole process of this Puja takes a day long arrangement. Some devotees sacrifice by hooking themselves, some take pain by crossing the sharp blade and some put heavy weight on their chest. All these activities they do to satisfy Lord Shiva. They believe that the festival will carry prosperity by eliminating the sorrow and sufferings of the previous year. The believers of the Hindu religion celebrate this on the last day of Chaitra (Chaitra Songkranti) sometime in the month of April. Taken in Dhamrai, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2009

Biography: Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a documentary photographer and visual artist. He is currently pursuing an MA in Photography at Falmouth University. Hasan holds an Undergraduate Certificate in Higher Education in History of Art from Oxford University, pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism from Ateneo de Manila University and also graduated in Film & Video Production from UBS Film School at the University of Sydney. He was nominated for many international awards and won several photographic competitions worldwide such as Lucie Awards under Discovery of the Year 2018 category. His...

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