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Retired Dancer

Ameen Howrani


"Retired Dancer"
Once a dancer in NY; I saw her hanging at the bar, and saw the light... I filled her face with a table cloth and had her lean in to the camera.

Biography: Ameen Howrani (b. 1941): Ameen Howrani is one of Detroitís most renowned portrait photographers, with over 40 years of international recognition and 30 Caddy Awards. Ameen Howraniís work continues to provocatively revolutionize his medium, fluidly bridging art and documentary photography. Known for its direct and simple style, and informed by the artistís personal charm, a Howrani photo evokes an unsung intimacy that reveals the true personality and character of his subjects, be it a local Detroiter or some of the worldís most well-known celebrities. A celebrity in his own right, Howrani...

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