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RELUCTANT sex workers_004

Carol Allen-Storey


"RELUCTANT sex workers_004"
Grace is 32 years old, a widowed sex worker. There has been a cholera epidemic and she has been acutely affected. Her husband died of the AIDS virus when she was pregnant but unfortunately she did not receive the mother to child prevention drugs and all of her family are HIV+. She said the only reason I survive is because my neighbours are good samaritans and take pity on my condition. Life is very hard, there is no escape.

Biography: Carol Allen-Storey is an award-winning photojournalist specializing in chronicling humanitarian and social issues, especially amongst women and children. In 2009 Carol was appointed a UNICEF ambassador for photography. Since 2006, she has been developing ANGELS at the edge of darkness, a personal project that illuminates the plight of women and children managing poverty and the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Storey is a graduate with distinction of the Central St. Martins, Master Photography programme. Her further degrees include a BA at Syracuse University and an MA at Columbia University.

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