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Clearance - Between concrete

luca desienna


"Clearance - Between concrete"
Klong Toey, Bangkok. A young boy runs between left over concrete pipes destined for a newly planned commercial development. Kids pass their times through debris and wild dogs, they play with whatever inspire their imagination without considering their eventual health hazards.

Biography: Luca is an Italian photographer based in London and Barcelona. He regularly works for the Sole24Ore monthly magazine Intelligence in Lifestyle covering a variety of commissions UK based. His photography has also appeared in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Kult Magazine, Vanidad, Genis Aci, Eyemazing, No Name, a-n, Gomma, XL, VICE and Time Out. He exhibited throughout Europe and have been taken part to numerous Art Fairs and collective exhibitions, including the FOTO8 Summer Show and the Padova Art Fair. He received many prizes and nominations such as the Travel Photographer of the Year...

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