Photojournalism - Professional


Alan K. E. A. Marques


The strongest earthquake in modern time hit Port-Au-Principe, Haiti's capital, in January 2010. This Natural disaster destroyed all city and force Haitians to look for international help and for food and water. In the picture, the Haitians were trying to get some bottles of water which were distributed by Haitian government.

Biography: Born and bred in Brasília in 1971,Alan Marques graduated in Administration at AEUDF,Jornalism at UniCeub and got an MBA in marketing at Fundação Getúlio Vargas.He worked for news agency “O Globo” and “jornal de Brasília” and he has been working as a photographer for “Folha de S.Paulo” since September, 1997.He was granted an award of Jornalism and Photography by “Agência Brasileira de Segurança” (ABS) in 2005 for the photo entitled “ Sem segurança em frente ao Congresso Nacional” .He also deserved honorable mentions in “João Primo de Fotografia´s” prize in 1997 , in the internacional...

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