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Afghan buzkashi (2)

Majid Saeedi


"Afghan buzkashi (2)"
Afghan buzkashi players fight for control of the beheaded goat during a game in Kabul on November 6, 2009.

Biography: Majid Saeedi Born In Tehran , Iran ,1974 Education : Art Photograher of Getty Images since 2004 till now seven Times selected as The Best Photographer of The Year in Iran in 1992-1994- 1996-1997-1999-2000- 2001 Second Prize of International Art Festival 2005 4 Gold Medals from Asahi Japan in 2000-2005-2006-2008 First Prize of International Photo Awards. USA 2005 3rd Prize of POY- USA 2007 Prize of POY- USA 2010

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