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Mental Health Problems Plague War Torn Afghanistan

Majid Saeedi


"Mental Health Problems Plague War Torn Afghanistan"
A mental patient poses for a photograph in a sanitarium March 1, 2010 in Harbe, Afghanistan. Not only does Afghanistan hold the position of one of the worst health care situations in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO) but it is also plagued with a hidden medical crisis of severe mental suffering resulting from decades of conflict and repression. It was reported by WHO that roughly five million Afghans suffer from various types of mental illness.

Biography: Majid Saeedi Born In Tehran , Iran ,1974 Education : Art Photograher of Getty Images since 2004 till now seven Times selected as The Best Photographer of The Year in Iran in 1992-1994- 1996-1997-1999-2000- 2001 Second Prize of International Art Festival 2005 4 Gold Medals from Asahi Japan in 2000-2005-2006-2008 First Prize of International Photo Awards. USA 2005 3rd Prize of POY- USA 2007 Prize of POY- USA 2010

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