Architectural - Amateur

Tetrapod (3)

Yasuteru Kasano


"Tetrapod (3)"
What is unexpectedly quite difficult is to look at a daily life. However taking photographs gives me a chance to review it. Then when I see the fragments as a photographs I find surprises or something special that are beyond optical fact, and get an indescribably refreshing feeling. Needless to say, I said special but it is just a scenery which existed certainly. We can find a new world by changing our views only a little.

Biography: 2003 - 2005 NY Took the classes in ICP (International Center of Photography) 2005 - Japan Current Awards International Photography Awards 2011, 2nd Place Subcategory Winner 6th Black & White Spider Awards 1st Place - Outstanding Achievement in Still Life 2011 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) Honorable Mention 2010 Black & White Spider Awards Nominees in Nature and Still Life 2010 Current Solo Exhibition One Day Melody in New York, TANTOTEMPO Gallery, Kobe

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