Portrait - Amateur


Marco Benedetti

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Eskimo" : a portrait like a magnificent arctic landscape, this pure, frozen beauty, distant and not always sharp. Faces that remind of the earth after the ice blizzard, empty, calming, striking in their cold perfection, welcoming but carrying a veil of sadness. An inner travel to dream of icy lands.

Biography: Marco Benedetti has followed his passion for photography throughout all his life, starting as self-taught at his early 20s, following several courses of photography education and learning-by-doing. He is a passionate photographer touching lot of categories of photography, from sports (mostly martial arts and athletics) to portrait, from beauty to fashion and also fine art nudes. He firmly believes that the stage of proficiency in his pictures is achieved and further developed more through inner feelings and emotions and less through technique. However, he strives for technical perfection...

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