Portrait - Professional

Laotian Paddy Rice Farmer

Paris Spellson


"Laotian Paddy Rice Farmer"
A Laotian paddy rice farmer stopped me on the road to Muang Sing in the Luang Namthan Province of Laos. Blind in one eye and with heavy wrinkles that have been formed from many years of exposure to nature’s elements, shows off a man that has worked very hard all his life. With sign language we communicated and with his incredible smile there was no worries just friendly happiness.

Biography: Producing commercial, editorial and art imagery of highest quality and standard in a forward thinking and creative environment is my aim and focus in photography. I find a special challenge in approaching projects in an innovative and creative way to showcase my motives to their best advantage. One of my great passions in life is photographing the world surrounding me and discovering the many layers of experiences and stories that lay hidden within it. I believe that everyday situations can be a fruitful source for imagery. I like to portray my objects in a colorful and lively way that brings...

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