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Future Shock - The Saucer

Nemo Niemann


"Future Shock - The Saucer"
"The Saucer" was part of a fashion editorial that was inspired by the editor's choice of "futuristic" looking garments. The editor found a vintage Futuro home near the Delaware shore. These 1960's pre-fab fiberglass structures designed by Finnish designer Matti Suuronen, purposely looked like a flying saucer, complete with a fold-down, stairway. It took the magic of Photoshop to turn a worn futuristic icon into a hovering saucer from another world. However, apart from drama added in lighting and removal of unwanted features, the composition is as seen in the final photo.

Biography: Nemo has worked as a professional photographer since graduating from college in 1976. After deciding against architectural graduate school, Nemo turned, instead, to photography. After first shooting photojournalism and sports, Nemo finally settled on a career in commercial photography specializing in fashion and lifestyle. Over the years, Nemo never lost his love for landscape photography and rarely leaves home without a camera and several lenses. His worldly travels include over twenty trips to Great Britain and eighteen to Ireland. In fact, the love of Ireland is so great, he...

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