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Underbelly of Kathmandu - My Urban Village

Larry Louie


"Underbelly of Kathmandu - My Urban Village"
The Underbelly of Kathmandu consists of the new slum areas popping all over the valley. These areas are made up mostly of people displaced from their hillside villages due to the Maoist conflict in the recent years or people from the lower caste (Dalits) who are just too poor to afford properties. These people are considered “squatters” with no land rights by the local government. These are the new urban poor of Kathmandu. Kathmandu being the urban center of Nepal, is also quickly becoming the urban slum central.

Biography: About Larry Louie “It takes vision to be a good photographer, to imagine how the world around you will look in a photograph. But it takes another kind of vision to see how you can use what skills and experience you have to help other people. “ (Mark Bentley in his interview with Dr. Larry Louie, Black and White Photography, UK, March 2012). International award winning documentary photographer Dr. Larry Louie leads a dual career. He is an optometrist in Canada but he is also a travel and documentary photographer who has managed to combined his interests to promote the work of different...

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