Abstract - Professional

broc Aloisi Gioia Gorini Monica

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

Broc is a part of a collection of images that wants to show the world of simple things. Everything that usually pass quickly away from sight, but it's impressed in the world's thoughts.This...

On the cover of a magazine Camille Domain

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"On the cover of a magazine"

Prince Of  Light 1 Adel M Bujbara

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Prince Of Light 1"
In this series I tried to give tribute to paper and to show my respect and appreciation. I simply tried to explore the beauty and grace through light, shape, color and texture of this magnificent...

Erotic Dreams Montie Talbert

Honorable Mention

"Erotic Dreams"
Sea Shell with Vertical Blinds

Caught Two of 'Em Gregory Georges

Honorable Mention

"Caught Two of 'Em"

ghosts Walter Luttenberger

Honorable Mention

after finished a late-evening-shooting in a small village in northern kenya, the children guided us to our car.

Sex is in our Mind Oscar Amoros

Honorable Mention

"Sex is in our Mind"

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