People - Professional

Black smiles Edoardo Agresti

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Black smiles"
Smiles in the light

Spinning Life Peikang Wu

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Spinning Life"
Photographed in Amitofo Care Centre (ACC), the only orphanage founded and sponsored by Taiwanese Buddhists. Amitofo, as one of those well-known mantras of great significance in Chinese Buddhism, is...

In the Underbelly of Kathmandu - Family Larry Louie

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"In the Underbelly of Kathmandu - Family"
The Underbelly of Kathmandu is a series of the photographs of the urban poor in the valley. The people of Nepal are what bring visitors back to Nepal over and over again. The gentleness and...

Obscure Daro Sulakauri

Honorable Mention

GEORGIA. 2009. School. Nikozi, near the Russian occupant's and South Ossetian separatist's check-point. A first grader, he was one of the few people who stayed home in the village, during the...

All Hail the Bubble Man Dave Bowman

Honorable Mention

"All Hail the Bubble Man"

life Svetlana Batura

Honorable Mention


Disenchantment Isa Leshko

Honorable Mention

Disenchantment from Thrills & Chills series

Transporter Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Honorable Mention

Van pullers are very hard working people. They often carry a huge load of goods on their van to transport small things place to places. Photo taken in Old Town, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2009.

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