Fine Art - Amateur

Scaffolding Alex Attard

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement


A lifetime.. Jishnu Changkakoti

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"A lifetime.."
The weather-beaten hands of a Buddhist monk bear testament to a lifetime of frugality and worship in the cold environs of Ladakh. Shot in Leh, June 2011.

Italian Summer Dream Arja Redel

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Italian Summer Dream"
Looking for some quiet and relaxing time at the seaside of Liguria (Italy) I learned about the Italian Dream of August Summer holidays.

We Buy Gold Robb Johnson

Honorable Mention

"We Buy Gold"
I work with the journey we are all on; in a figurative mode of expression, conveying a meaning other than the literal; using symbolic figures, actions or places, my landscapes. The images I create...

Charwoman's Visitor Barbara Martin

Honorable Mention

"Charwoman's Visitor"
Taken in Abby Melke, Austria, BUT, I didn't see the "visitor" until I printed.

The Path Robert Ferd Frank

Honorable Mention

"The Path"

Fitful Sleep Carolyn Hampton

Honorable Mention

"Fitful Sleep"

Room at the Motel Toby Snelgrove

Honorable Mention

"Room at the Motel"
The Salton Sea is dying just as is the surrounding area. This motel has room.

Wolf At Santa Fe Plaza Erik Richard Unger

Honorable Mention

"Wolf At Santa Fe Plaza"
Man walks his pet Wolf around the Santa Fe Plaza

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