Nature - Amateur

Sea, Montauk, New York 2011

Minny Lee


"Sea, Montauk, New York 2011"
The sea is double versed. It is powerful yet comforting. Walking along the seashore, the traces of the sea are visible all over. Sand and pebbles survive the powerful waves. The reflection of the sky on the sea unites them into one. The passage of time is forgotten. The sea is infinite, with no beginning and no end.

Biography: Minny Lee, a native of Seoul, South Korea is a New York-based photographer. Lee is a 2008 graduate of the International Center of Photography’s one-year certificate program. From 2009 to 2011, Lee attended the Reflexions Masterclass in Europe, a two-year seminar which cultivates fifteen fledgling photographers by mentoring and field projects. Lee’s photographs were exhibited at ICP’s Education Gallery in 2010 and Pingyao International Photography festival in 2008 among other venues. Lee's photographs of trees will be in Reflexions Masterclass 10 years, a group exhibition at Rencontres...

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