Nude - Amateur


Patrick De Smet

Honorable Mention

Years ago, Odette, the model in this photo, used to pose for famous French photographer Jeanloup Sieff. We met by coincidence in a "crazy" place with a "crazy" atmosphere, which led to a “crazy” photo. The dog wasn't supposed to be there and the owner was calling him from outside. Seconds later, he disappeared...

Biography: Patrick De Smet, the man behind Mused Renaissance, was born in 1960 in Eeklo (Belgium). From early childhood on, he became fascinated by art, history, and ancient cultures. In his early twenties, he received an MA in Classics (Latin and Greek) and in Egyptology, both at Ghent University, Belgium. He has previously worked in several Belgian and English museums and universities, in an art gallery and a theatre, and in IT. Both in science, in art and in photography, he has given a number of lectures and tought several workshops. Since 2006 he is full-time occupied with fine art...

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