Nature - Professional

Looking up Redwood Tree

Jason Homa


"Looking up Redwood Tree"
The Forests of California are a place i gravitate to when i want to get out of NYC and connect with the natural world in a meaningful way. This image conveys The Power i feel within the 'Cathedrals of Nature' and the humility that comes across me, as well.

Biography: I was born and raised in NYC and still live here. Growing up I leaned towards creativity rather than sports or traditional academia. I developed a passion for photography in college and its only gotten stronger since then. After graduating with a BFA in Photography from SUNY New Paltz in 1991 I started building a more commercial portfolio. I apply that artistís eye to everything I see and photograph. I specialize in photographing people and my work is licensed world wide by Getty Images for everything from small town editorials to national advertisements. More recently I have been...

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