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Cuba Che Cuore

Patrizia Dottori


"Cuba Che Cuore"
Itís a part of a work (Cuba on the wall) over the essential elements that contribute to the formation of the animus (soul) of this country, a unique island linked by a fil rouge that connects politics and life, the past and the present. A work that illustrates the light, the colours, the joie de vivre of its people, the streets and the big messages, in particular the exchange between new and old as seen through its political manifestos.

Biography: Photographer since 1986, I was born in Rome and I live and work between Rome and Buenos Aires. I shoot as an artist and think as a photographer, that is why I call "artistic reportage" my photographic genre. Projects stem directly from shootings. When I look at my pictures I see a story. I look for meanings and emotions of non-straightforward realities. In recent years I have been working more and more in an abstract form, on topics related to human rights and environmental issues, focusing on beauty as a message in itself. In this context was born Mother&Land, an important...

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