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Abandoned farm, Fukushima "No-Go Zone"

Pierpaolo Mittica


"Abandoned farm, Fukushima "No-Go Zone""
At the time of the evacuation all the animals were abandoned. You could encounter some of cows enjoying total if ephemeral freedom after wandering away from farms. But most disgusting of all are the decomposing carcasses of hundreds of cows left unattended on farms.

Biography: Italian humanist photographer, is an internationally recognized photographer and he is recipient of numerous awards. Currently he is represented by Trolley, Great Britain. He received the Masters Program at CRAF diploma in conservation, technique and history of photography in 1990, studying with Charles Henri Favrod, Naomi Rosenblum and Walter Rosenblum, who is his spiritual father in photography. He photographed in Italy, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Bosnia, Kosovo. Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan. His photographs were exhibited in all Europe and United States, In...

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