Photojournalism - Professional

Libean Mukpar

Dani Pozo

Honorable Mention

"Libean Mukpar"
8 year-old Somalian refugee Libean Mukpar being placed on the scales at the MSF Hagadera Hospital in Dadaab, Kenya. Libean weighs less than 15 kilos. Under normal conditions his weight should be around 26 kilos. His weight now corresponds to that of a 3 year-old child. Every morning his mother carries him on her back to the scales, where doctors monitor his development. Just a few metres separate the bed from the scales, but his weak legs can't cover this small distance. It takes him great effort even to sit in the black basin where doctors weigh patients; he squints as he looks out at us. There are dozens of cases like Libean's in the Hospital, an entire generation condemned to starvation.

Biography: During seventeen years of experience working with top national newspapers and publishing work internationally. He is now working with the international agency " Agence France Presse" as well as following a professional freelance career.

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