Silhouette - Professional

Manoosh the Boatman

David Gould


"Manoosh the Boatman"
Manoosh the boatman who works ferrying passengers across the Yamuna river in India stands waiting for a fare as the sun sets in the distance. I was taking images of the reflection of the Taj Mahal when Manoosh came across the river to see if I needed a ride. He made the perfect subject As I raised my camera He said "Take my photo" I obliged, and am very happy I did ! I returned 5 years later to give Manoosh a copy. And there he was sat by the Taj Mahal waiting for a fare. Mamiya 645.

Biography: I am a freelance photographer based in Central London. My passion for photography started with travelling, a four month journey to India. In the following years I spent time working as a volunteer for organisations in South America, India and Australia, where I made photo stories and short films. Recently I have been covering news, current affairs, events and arts in London.

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