Nature - Professional

Behind a Little House Manuel Cosentino

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Behind a Little House"

Wrath of Superior Layne Kennedy

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Wrath of Superior"
Lake Superior has a reputation for "never giving up her dead." The world's largest inland lake by surface area, can be a force so impressive it boggles the mind. When famed Nor'easters slam...

Magic Moment Eugenio Opitz

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Magic Moment"
Late afternoon in Henri Pittier National Park,Aragua state,Venezuela. The Henri Pittier National Park is the first national park of Venezuela.

Funflower's Army Rafal Maleszyk

Honorable Mention

"Funflower's Army"
Sunflowers fields are full of potential for every artist. I found this vast filed of large sunflowers in the North Shore of Oahu. I called the image “Army of Sunflowers”. This was a great discovery.

Glacier, Tarfala Nicklas Blom

Honorable Mention

"Glacier, Tarfala"
Inside a glacier in the northern part of Sweden.

Aurora Borealis Chris McLennan
New Zealand

Honorable Mention

"Aurora Borealis"
Dog team rests beside glowing tent with a stunning show of Northern Lights overhead.

Four Trees Mikael Kapanaga

Honorable Mention

"Four Trees"
Peterhof, Russia

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