People - Professional

Pole Dancer Kate with her Sons Tomasz Gudzowaty

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Pole Dancer Kate with her Sons"
Kelly is associated with Bobbi's Pole Dance Studio in Sydney

Happy Home School for the Blind Dilip Bhatia

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Happy Home School for the Blind "

Kushti Wrestlers in Delhi Terri Gold

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Kushti Wrestlers in Delhi"
Indian wrestling isn't just a sport - it's an ancient subculture where wrestlers live and train together at Guru Hanumanís Kushti Akhara (a traditional Indian mud pit wrestling arena). We will all...

Brutal Attack Jez Coulson

Honorable Mention

"Brutal Attack"
Skinheads at a BNP rally - London

DesmiondTutu Lars Nyman

Honorable Mention


Alzheimer Fausto Podavini

Honorable Mention

Mirella 71 years old. After 43 years spent together with the only person loved, Mirella was suddenly forced to face the husband's illness: Alzheimer. Only strenght, devotion and love can support...

Carnival Ride Ann Elliott Cutting

Honorable Mention

"Carnival Ride"

Eulogy Edward Yanowitz

Honorable Mention

Nassau, Bahamas

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