Photojournalism - Professional

Toxic Waters Larry Louie

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Toxic Waters"
In January 2010, Bangladesh began trying to clean up one of the dirtiest rivers in the world, the Buriganga. It only took one generation to turn what was once a thriving river with drinkable water...

voodoonville 01 Paolo Marchetti

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"voodoonville 01"
Haiti, Port-au-Prince, july 2010. A voodoo priest possessed by an evil spirit during a nocturnal ceremony in the village Wharf Jeremie

waiting for a bus Alan K. E. A. Marques

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"waiting for a bus"
Family waits on a bus stop during a fload in the city of Xambiá (state of Tocantis in the north of Brazil))

Animal Activist, Fukushima "No-Go Zone" Pierpaolo Mittica

Honorable Mention

"Animal Activist, Fukushima "No-Go Zone""
Animal Activist in search of abandoned animals. During the night several animal activists enter illegally inside the Exclusion Zone to rescue pets and other animals. Odaka city, Fukushima "No-Go...

Greece in Crisis :ATHENS GHETTO Nikos Pilos

Honorable Mention

"Greece in Crisis :ATHENS GHETTO"
08/11/2010 ATHENS ,GREECE . Zinonos Street, Athens, Greece: Undercover policemen arresting an African drug dealer, keeping his mouth open – a common place to hide the drugs – so he cannot swallow....

Srebrenica2010 Lars Nyman

Honorable Mention


Libean Mukpar Dani Pozo

Honorable Mention

"Libean Mukpar"
8 year-old Somalian refugee Libean Mukpar being placed on the scales at the MSF Hagadera Hospital in Dadaab, Kenya. Libean weighs less than 15 kilos. Under normal conditions his weight should be...

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