Portrait - Professional


Julie Wajs


1st Place - Outstanding Achievement



Henk van Mierlo


2nd Place - Merit of Excellence


Abdou with rescued crocodile

jason florio


3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Abdou with rescued crocodile"
The portrait of Abdou is part of a long term project , now in it's 15th year based around a sacred forest in The Gambia, West Africa called 2008 Abdou arrived at the forest with a live crocodile...

Father and Daughter

Binh Trinh

New Zealand

Honorable Mention

"Father and Daughter"

Young Boy. Duncan, MS.

Brandon Thibodeaux


Honorable Mention

"Young Boy. Duncan, MS."
A young boy lays on the back of his grandfathers' car after being spanked with a switch in Duncan, MS.

Le Van Khoi, Vietnam - 1993

Peter Steinhauer


Honorable Mention

"Le Van Khoi, Vietnam - 1993"
Part of a project on portraits of Vietnam which was in the published book project entitled Vietnam: Portraits and Landscapes (2001 Edition Stemmle)


Lina Reinsbakken


Honorable Mention

Taken in the "Seawall" slum in Tacloban, Pilippines outside the childs home. Part of "Streetlight" charity exhibition

Live with unexpected reality

K M Asad


Honorable Mention

"Live with unexpected reality "
Shocked by the news of her son's death, an elderly woman stares out, still hoping to see him return from the jungle. Mohammad was a moual (honey collector) who was killed by a man-eater in Sundarban...

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