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Sergey Smolenko


"Back to Origins"
The Book of Dreams. Japan. A three-thousand-kilometer chain of islands. The Land of the Rising Sun. Buddhist temples, ikebana, rock gardens, kimono, martial arts. The life of this archipelago harmonio

Biography: I was born in 1975 in Perm, in the Western Urals. My life in photography began when as a boy I joined a photography club for children. My first camera was a 35mm Smena 8M, an early 1980s Soviet model.There were no specialized photo labs at the time, and I had to learn the process of making pictures on my own. Developing and printing photographs in the bathroom of my parentsí home, which doubled as my darkroom, was pure magic, as an image would fade into existence on white photographic paper. The pictures I made in those days have become a part of our family history. When photography is a...

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