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Dunamis 1

Carlos Paradinha, Jr.


"Dunamis 1"
Part of series for BFA thesis. Each subject triumphed over traumatic personal abuses to sculpt themselves in defiance of oppression.

Biography: Born in Newark, New Jersey in the early 60ís, Carlos Paradinha, Jr.ís first exposure to photography was watching his father process black and white film in the makeshift darkroom in his familyís apartment bathroom as a young boy. He started using his own camera at the age of six. Carlos currently resides in Bremerton, WA working with a freelance graphic arts company, Abyssal, Inc. Heís worked as a photographer as well as a model, part owner, financial officer and administrative director. Through his work heís had the distinct privilege to work with the likes of DC Comics, Wizards of the...

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