Photojournalism - Amateur

Unique childhood

Jian Gao
China (PRC)

Honorable Mention

"Unique childhood"
Tingting Yang, aged 3, who migrates with her families from Qinglong County, Guizhou Province- one of the poorest areas in China due to its bad ecological environment.

Biography: Jian Gao (b. 1987, PRC) is a social documentary photographer, Overseas Press Club Foundation scholar and currently a staff member at Magnum Photos in New York. He dedicated himself for personal long-term documentary photography project. In 2012, he was mentored by VII Photo Agency photographer Ed Kashi and worked on a project- Red Fragments, travelled over ten thousand miles from northeast part of China to the extremely far west on his own in order to explore social issues that are caused by Chinese government policies and their environmental impacts. In May 2014, he got a break...

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