Abstract - Professional


Galia Yotova


An ex chapel with a hospital in Ruse, Bulgatia. It used to be a morgue and laboratory. There were just shadows roaming there in the summer of 2000.

Biography: Awards: 2009 – Silver medal FIAP + diplom (monochrome photography) of the Third International Salon Varna, Bulgaria 2008 - Honorable mention of the Fifth International Exhibition Bangkok, Thailand 2008 – Gold medal FIAP + diplom (color photography) of the Second International Salon Varna, Bulgaria Exhibitions, festivals, performances and happenings 2013 - „Up – Down” - – photo installation in Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London, part of presentation festival “Water tower” 2012 – „Abandoned, Seduced” – photo installation in festival “ Water tower”, Sofia 2011 – “Re-production” –...

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