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the forsaken pond 3

Marguerite Garth


"the forsaken pond 3"
For me, these ghosts of the past have come to symbolize what Americans have forsaken in our egoistic rush towards getting the latest new thing. I adapt my photographic process to their environment by

Biography: EDUCATION BA, University of California at Los Angeles, Photography AWARDS 2012 - 13 1st Place, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, awarded with a Paris show, 2013 Winner, Creative Quarterly 29, Winter Publication (out in book stores 04/2013) Portfolio in Fine Art Photo, Issue No. 13, Rudolf Hillebrand Publisher, Germany � Winner, Creative Quarterly 30, Spring Publication Winner, Creative Quarterly 31, Summer Publication WIPI 2013 Annual Juried Competition - Juror Choice Gallery Presentation Project Basho, Onward Compe...

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