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SREBRENICA. Cold Silence of Death.

Claudia Henzler


"SREBRENICA. Cold Silence of Death."
At the place of the greatest massacre in Europe after world war II. At the place of the massacre, a man puts in order the over 700 newly discovered and then to be burried skelletons. July, 2010.

Biography: “I strive to use photographic medium as a unifying force to broaden horizons, open communications, and connect people of all kind, color, creed, and faith.” Claudia Henzler 2012 winner of the special photo award „St. Leopold Peace Prize for humanitarian commitment in art“ with the SREBRENICA-photos //SERVICES artistic & unique approach towards: exhibitions, photo-reportages, event-photography, portraits, photo documentaries, photo-videos (see examples on, search "HENZLERWORKS"), photo-workshops, slideshows etc. //For more contact Claudia Henzler or see...

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