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Hell on Earth. Syrian Civil War

Maysun A.


"Hell on Earth. Syrian Civil War"
Smoke billows over shelled and destroyed buildings, by Syrian Army artillery shelling, in Saif al Dawle district, Aleppo, Syria, 02/10/12.

Biography: Maysun (Zaragoza, Spain. 1980), is a Spanish-Palestinian freelance photographer with no established base for the moment. The interest of learning and her desire to help people made her realize the necessity of documenting her surroundings. With a High Degree in Photography and a Photojournalism Post Degree she has been working about Palestinian Identity on a 6 years long term project, still in process, as a way to find her own identity and moral responsibility. She has been covering other places and issues such as Burma Dictature, Kosova Independence, Lebanon, the displacements of L'Aquila...

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