Photojournalism - Professional

Underground illegal coal mines

Giacomo Fe


"Underground illegal coal mines"
This illegal miner of coal was in the Damodar River Valley, Jharkhand, India. He lives near the official mining areas of the government. He digs mines abusive where they get coal. They use bikes to carry 350 Kg of coal, up to the nearest town to sell it. He life expectancy is 35 years.

Biography: Professional photographer, along with fashion and commercial photography works, develops project of reportage and travel photography, dealing with important social and anthropological issues. Reportage from Europe, South America, Western and Central Africa and India. It was published in newspapers and national and international magazines, both printed and on-line. Open to provide more informations about reportage on this site and projects still under construction. I am interested in social photography, in the changes produced by the cultural progress and working conditions resulting...

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