Portrait - Professional

Balvir Shargill

Jeremy Fokkens


"Balvir Shargill"
Balvir Shargill comes from the city Ludhiana located in the Punjab province of India. Using Balvir’s work supervisor as my translator, I asked Balvir when he was born, he responded by saying “…I don’t

Biography: Jeremy Fokkens is a Calgary-based documentary photographer who grew up in Calgary, Canada, a classically trained dancer turned professional photographer who has traveled the world performing and photographing in over 55 countries to date. Returning to his roots in Calgary, Fokkens continued a self-taught journey immersing himself in the mediums of both film and digital photography where he now continues to travel extensively to developing countries sharing captivating stories, inspiring viewers on a social and personal level, while visually educating an audience by raising awareness on social...

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