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Richardson Merriman Privately Commissioned Portraits

Dave Moser


"Richardson Merriman Privately Commissioned Portraits "
A series of commissioned portraits, over 60 in all, of Richardson Merriman's closest friends and family to be exhibited in his office as a permanent installation.

Biography: Often while photographing people, they become younger, the effects of time fall away and I witness the openness we all shared as children. Portraiture, listening and the discipline of seeing are the aspects of my craft that inspire and energize me. Dave’s portraiture has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes Magazine, Parade, People, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Magazine and has led to awards with Communication Arts, PDN, Graphis, Applied Arts, Prix De La Photographie Paris, ASMP, and more. Dave Moser is a Portrait Photographer based out of Philadelphia, PA.

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