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Anastasia Kopittseva



Biography: Anastasia Kopittseva was born in Cheboksary in 1987. She studied at the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts and in the All-Russian State University of Cinematography and the British Higher School of Art and Design. Lives and works in Moscow. Exhibitions: 2012 «Equivalent» Vostochnaya gallery, Moscow 2012 «Art Moscow» CHA, Moscow 2012 «FotoMixFight» Photohub Manometr, Moscow 2012 «Nike Chance» Barcelona 2011 «To the north. To the east.» Vostochnaya gallery, Moscow 2011 «Art Moscow» CHA, Moscow 2011 «Art Martini» Red October, Moscow 2010 «Student Art Fair»...

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