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HIV: Zambia's decline.

pesarelli stefano


"HIV: Zambia's decline."
The estimated number of women living with HIV dying from pregnancy-related causes has declined worldwide by 20% since 2005. Zambia’s decline at 55 % is one of countries in the rapid decline category.

Biography: Stefano Pesarelli travels around the world since 1994, from Asia to South America and Africa. He lives between Malawi and Italy, but he is often on the road between Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya on safari with his safari company Africawildtruck, specialized in Adventure and Photo Travel Workshop. He is the author of numerous travel guides for Polaris publisher as Tanzania, Mozambique and upcoming Malawi and Zambia. In 2004 he crossed Africa from Turin to Mozambique driving a 4x4 Fiat Campagnola for 23.000 Km. Recent photo exhibitions include "Storie di tè (Lilongwe,...

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