Abstract - Professional

Giardia Martin Miller

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

from the Pestilence Series

5 oclock somewhere Nita and Wales Madden III

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"5 oclock somewhere"

The battle of oranges Andrea Cittadini

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"The battle of oranges"
A scene from the Battle of the Oranges in Ivrea. The inhabitants, during the carnival, commemorate with strokes of orange the expulsion of a baron who starved the city in the Middle Ages.

Cracks Adoniram Sides

Honorable Mention

The subtle contractions and expansions of early ice caused these geometric patterns in the midst of a swamp.

Bursting Wide Open Jayne Silberman

Honorable Mention

"Bursting Wide Open"
I looked up at a ceiling and discovered extraordinary texture in the peeling paint.

GTO2 Paul J Harvey

Honorable Mention

Location - Montlhery Classic Car Fete, France 2011.

Crossbeams Bruce Warren

Honorable Mention


Steppin Out of Time Mike Crews

Honorable Mention

"Steppin Out of Time"
Long Exposure of Street Entertainer, Chicago

Windows Brenda Lindfors

Honorable Mention


Silk Factory Lisa Powers
New Zealand

Honorable Mention

"Silk Factory"
Bags filled with silk threads in Chinese factory.

Schoolyard, Germany Joerg Hempel

Honorable Mention

"Schoolyard, Germany"
Due to a special " defect" of my digital back, I develop a special technique taking images in between a shot. This leeds me to a new way to see architecture, which is more a light-painting...

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