People - Professional

Adversity Paul Wager

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

There are few opportunities for children from the mountain areas of Laos.

Brothers Jack Picone

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

The Amish: A cold winters morning in Upper State NY and young Amish brothers fall perfectly in line on their walk home.

Europe Alvaro Villela

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

Germany 2009

Kids dived off the jetty

Honorable Mention

"Kids dived off the jetty"

Himba Dirk Rees

Honorable Mention


The Go-Go Dancer Nate Gowdy

Honorable Mention

"The Go-Go Dancer"
A woman marvels at a go-go boy at a Seattle club in February 2011.

Peekers at Bofina Pub, Kybira Village, Uganda Leslie Alsheimer

Honorable Mention

"Peekers at Bofina Pub, Kybira Village, Uganda"
Orphan children view a movie through shak slats of the pub. Often sent home from school for not having shoes, 80% of the 67 million children out of school live in rural areas, the majority are girls.

Elderly Drag Queen Nate Gowdy

Honorable Mention

"Elderly Drag Queen"
Jack-e Edwards, visiting from Reno, NV, gives Mike Dumoulin a look at an annual drag celebration at the Renaissance Ballroom in Seattle in February 2011.

At Home Among Strangers Dina Bova

Honorable Mention

"At Home Among Strangers"
Allegorical portrait depicting not only a single person, but the whole layer of Russian intellectuals.

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