Photojournalism - Professional

Contained in Cage GMB Akash

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"Contained in Cage"
Confined by the length of the chain a patient is lying comatose. Indonesia has a population of 240 million and only 500 psychiatrists. The resulting treatment gap leads many to rely on traditional her

Escaping the war Jaime Travezan

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Escaping the war"
This picture was shot in the border of Albania, when people were escaping the war in 1999

Homeless people K M Asad

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Homeless people"
A homeless fellow is sitting on the footpath during a seasonal rainfall in Dhaka; Bangladesh on May 16, 2011.Unexpected rain brings too many problems for dwellers of the city. It causes load-shedding,

Demolishing a car Tomasz Gudzowaty

Honorable Mention

"Demolishing a car"
Skaters having fun at destroying a car. Reckless behavior has become trademark of skateboarding. Mexico City 2012

Fire rescue Bjorn H Stuedal

Honorable Mention

"Fire rescue"
Fire rescue

Smuggling Luca Kleve-Ruud

Honorable Mention

On the fringe of Rafah town, just 100 meters from the Egyptian border, are sandy hills dotted with tents, tarps, and bulldozers. Underneath lies what passes for commerce, the surreptitious journey of

Orphanage Paolo Marchetti

Honorable Mention

In 2010, the total number of suicides in the state of Kerala was 8556. Here in an orphanage in the city of Trivandrum, 07/08/2009.

Tora Tora Eloisa Callender

Honorable Mention

"Tora Tora"
Spectators watch an air show from their vintage planes. The annual EAA Air Venture is held in Oshkosh, WI. Thousands of aviation enthusiasts gather each year at this event.

Repatriation at Royal Wootton Bassett Kieran Doherty

Honorable Mention

"Repatriation at Royal Wootton Bassett"
A young woman kisses the hearse carrying the coffin of her husband, a member of the British Armed Services, who was killed while on active duty in Afghanistan, as it passes through Wootton Bassett.

No.01: Aleppo, Syria Txomin Txueka

Honorable Mention

"No.01: Aleppo, Syria"

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