Portrait - Professional

Girl Claire Birks
New Zealand

1st Place - Outstanding Achievement


Girl With Red Hair Herman Nicholson

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Girl With Red Hair"

Bistro Fada Wagner Assis

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Bistro Fada"
Picture taken in Paris. A woman takes a brake during workig day time. A beautiffull moment, of a single moment!

Boy and Bird Marilyn Maxwell

Honorable Mention

"Boy and Bird"

David Ashleigh Lauren Bradley

Honorable Mention


Homeless actress and Yamuk the cat James Hughes

Honorable Mention

"Homeless actress and Yamuk the cat"
Homeless actress with Yamuk the cat in the streets of Istanbul , Winter 2013

Noel Charlie Tobias Titz

Honorable Mention

"Noel Charlie"
I met former boxer Noel Charlie in Port Hedland Western Australia. He was travelling with the Kiwikurra boys - a band from the remote Western Desert. I was just finishing up a photo session for my...

Summer George Mayer

Honorable Mention


Cadiz924 TM Reymond

Honorable Mention

Fishmonger Cadiz 2012

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