Photojournalism - Amateur

yet to go

Abhijit Nandi


1st Place - Outstanding Achievement

"yet to go"
Global warming has resulted in intermittent and heavy rains. The century old sewerage system of Kolkata is not capable to tackle the problem to squeeze out stagnant water effectively. The photograph...

Yousef-Mohammed_Victory is coming

Mohammed Yousef


2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

"Yousef-Mohammed_Victory is coming"
a syrian family in the refugee camp in Jordan

Women's work

Julie Garran


3rd Place - Honor of Distinction

"Women's work"
Part of a series done on the work of women, unacknowledged.This image was photographed in Varanasi in 2012 as monsoon mud was cleaned from a holy pool.

Homeless in cybercity

Jishnu Changkakoti


Honorable Mention

"Homeless in cybercity"
The calloused feet of a homeless man catching a nap on a park bench, in the midst of booming consumerism in India's cybercity Bangalore.

Alcoa Protest

Giuseppe Ciccia


Honorable Mention

"Alcoa Protest"
Workers from aluminum group Alcoa hold a demonstration in Rome in protest over plans by the world's leading producer of primary aluminum, to shut down the smelter and put hundreds of jobs at risk.

Macho y Muchachas

Oliver Stegmann


Honorable Mention

"Macho y Muchachas"
Day of the Dead Festivities, Mexico, 2013

Heil Konig des Flusses

Dieter Knierim


Honorable Mention

"Heil Konig des Flusses"
Entering the world of a Private School Boy.


RuiSheng Syu


Honorable Mention


Rana Plaza Tragedy

Anik Rahman


Honorable Mention

"Rana Plaza Tragedy"
On 24 April 2013, Rana Plaza, an eight-story commercial building, collapsed in Savar, a sub-district in the Greater Dhaka Area, the capital of Bangladesh. The search for the dead ended on 13 May with


Nigel Bullers


Honorable Mention

Fireboat performing exercises on the waterfront, vancouver BC


Gabriel Romero


Honorable Mention

Eaad Hariri, Thirty-nine years old was injured in Dar'a, Syria in November of 2013. Despite his injury, he is still able to care for his young family. Zaatari Camp, Jordan.

Colour Clash

Iain Tubby


Honorable Mention

"Colour Clash"
Racial tensions spill over at London's Notting Hill Carnival. I was fortunate or otherwise, whichever way you view it, to have a fracas break out right beside me on this late August afternoon...

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