Portrait - Professional

In misery

Eugenio Opitz


"In misery"
Between Caracas city and La Victoria city along with the highway there is a small lagoon called Suata where this man make his living fishing and selling.Country:Venezuela

Biography: I was born in Caracas Venezuela on January 26, 1958. I took my first pictures at the age of 12. In 1978 I graduated from High School in Caracas. After that I worked in Caracas at a photographic studio specialized in advertising. End of 1978 I enrolled at the “Universidad de Oriente” (Eastern University) on Margarita Island, Venezuela in order to study Marine Biology. Early in 1979 I gave up my studies of Marine Biology so I could devote myself to photography. From 1979 until 1980 I worked as a photographer contracted by the La Salle Foundation in Nueva Esparta State...

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